The Quality of Cleveland Life Report


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Your guide to living in fabulous Cleveland.

Bar Wars?: Beginning May 21, the Abbey Road bridge will allow traffic from Tremont to Ohio City — but not the other way around. It’s either a hassle caused by Innerbelt Bridge construction or an ingenious plan by Sam McNulty to soak up the rest of Tremont’s bar business.

All Class, No Act: Kyrie Irving wins the NBA’s Rookie of the Year Award. The humble guard thanked everyone from his parents to coaches to teammates — and even Savannah Brinson, noting that it’d be nice for someone to publicly thank her for something just once.

The House Wins Again: The City of Cleveland announces plans to install fueling stations for electric cars in three locations around town. Drivers will be charged the going rate for the juice, plus a
$35 parking fee for Dan Gilbert.

This Week's Index: You're on your second night at the casino, which means now's a good time to remind you this paper doubles as a pillow and can be eaten in moderation.


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