Chump of the Week: James Daniel Hits Girlfriend With Frying Pan




Hitting your woman? Terrible. Hitting your woman with a frying pan? Next-level scumbaggery. Hitting your woman with a frying pan in front your kids? Doesn't get much worse.

That's the card James Daniel III punched this week during an incident in Akron, according to Newsnet 5. We're pretty sure each of those listed actions buy you time in an exclusive circle of the inferno, if we're channeling the right Sunday School class. Oh sure, who knows what the fight was about, what could have prompted such a bad situation to unfold in front of the kids. But we do know a.) you don't hit girls b.) with frying pans.

Akron police said 27-year-old James Daniel III kicked in the door and assaulted the victim while four children younger than 9 years old were in the room. The victim and four others pushed Daniel out of the apartment.

Officers arrested Daniel after he ran away from them. He was charged with aggravated burglary, assault and child endangering.

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