Here Are Some Suggestions for the Med Mart's New Name




Over in his weekly round-up of pithy news items, the Plain Dealer's Mike McIntrye has an quick-hit about the possibility of renaming the Med Mart – or, ahem, as it officially stands now, the Medical Mart and Convention Center.

Turns out, the business suits behind the project are sweating over the name, worrying the existing moniker isn't sexy enough to attract the cutting-edge businesses the mart was built to house. Keep in mind, the developers are still trying to fully fill the rooms of the $465 million facility with the kind of big-brained medical and bio companies that keep economic development people sleepless at night.

Also, the company's VP tells the Plain Dealer the current name puts the cart before the horse: the name should emphasize the “convention” nature of the structure, since that's what will draw the larger share of travelers to Cleveland. Each building might even get a separate name.

Feeling civic minded, we brainstormed up some new nomenclature for the Mart. Use them if you wish, Med Mart developers.


Medical Science Con. Because all it takes to get some Mensa geeks excited to go inside a building is a costume requirement and a Kitty Pryde lookalike contest after the buffet dinner.


Ameritrust II: The Revenge of .... Because we've seen this movie before.


The Bio-Dome. Because of the easy name recognition, and since there's a lot Paul Shore will do for money these days, wouldn't be a problem to nab him for a spokesman job.


Costco — Downtown Cleveland Location. Because we all know where this is going.

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