Drunk, High, and After Peeing Your Pants is Not the Time to Hit on a Cop




Whether she was playing coy, or not so coy in this case, and trying to use her womanly charms with the cops to wile her way out of a DUI arrest, or whether she, as you'll see below, had enough substances in her blood to elicit pure honesty, a 32-year-old woman pulled over by Westlake cops for driving under the influence chose the wrong time to lay the flirtations on the men in uniform.

Take it away, Patch:

Officers discovered she had an open bottle of Jagermeister in the car with her, and that she had urinated on herself. She admitted to police that she had taken prescription drugs and smoked PCP.

And then she got flirtatious, telling the officers they were "so handsome."

PCP, booze, urine, Jager, and prescription pills. They call this the straight flush out in Lorain.

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