Former AG Marc Dann Opens Up to Politico About Life After Scandal


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Marc Dann’s stint as Ohio Attorney General pretty much serves as a How-To on sinking a promising political career in record time. After rolling around the Ohio Senate in the early 00s, the Democrat won the state’s top lawman seat in 2007 — only to lose the gig a year later after his affair with a young staffer surfaced.

Now, four years, a divorce, and two guilty pleas for ethics violations later, Dann is still a practicing attorney in Cleveland, focusing mainly on fighting foreclosures. Politico dropped in on him for a progress report, part of a weird but completely engrossing article on fallen politicians and what they’re doing now.

Dann seems genuinely sorry for the pain the scandal caused his family. Oh, and he misses having a driver.

“Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I don’t miss spending all my time looking at the windshield of my car. I miss having someone drive me around, for sure, but those are small sacrifices.”

Also, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for a post-fall political sex-hound on the dating scene, Dann opens up.

The scandal and his exit from office have “made dating interesting. I have a wonderful girlfriend now who is kind enough to overlook it,” Dann says. “There are about 18,000 Google entries on my name and I have my own Wikipedia page, so it’s not like I’m a mystery to anyone. I met my girlfriend hiking through a meetup group. She just knew I was Marc, the guy who went hiking, and she liked my dog.”

The big takeaway from this? No matter how badly you completely embarrass your family or disgrace the high office voters elected you into, you can still find someone on Meetup.


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