Indians Pitcher Joe Smith Involved in Bar Fight, Is Dating Fox 8's Allie LaForce




Indians relief pitcher Joe Smith was involved in an altercation early Sunday morning at a bar in Put-in-Bay. Smith tried to walk into a bar without showing his ID, the employee at the door asked for it, and Smith responded by saying he was a player for the Cleveland Indians. The police report notes Roundhouse bar security did not accept his statement of being a Cleveland Indians player as "proper identification."

There were lunges and people calling each other "pussy" and some light shoving as Smith was removed from the property. Cops talked to Smith and the bar employees and decided not to file any charges or issue any citations.

But that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is that Smith was with Jack LaForce. If that name sounds familiar, it's because it's a relative of Allie LaForce, a sports reporter over at Fox 8. She is identified in the police report as Smith's girlfriend. A media source in Cleveland tells Scene the two have been dating for awhile now. This is probably not how they wanted to announce their relationship to the world.

So, there's that. When another officer asked for Smith's ID, which another officer had already taken, Allie LaForce also played the, "He's a pitcher for the Indians!" card.

Back to the police report for one bit of fun: Allie LaForce's aunt was also there, and she edged her way into the conversation with cops as they tried to sort things out. She had her own ideas of sorting things out: trying to bribe them.

According to the cops, Auntie LaForce “held out a large folded stack of $100 bills to Ofc. Williams and said ‘Can you guys take a tip?’”

NewsNet5 has a copy of the police report.
They did not mention in their story that Smith was with LaForce or that he and Allie are dating. Media code, or something.

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