16,600 Clevelanders Will Die From Killer Heat By 2099




In alarming news of imminent death, destruction and super-boring idle conversation with that old guy at work, the Natural Resources Defense Council says that climate change and the resulting killer heat waves of the future pose a threat to cause an estimated 150,000 deaths by the year 2099.

The top three cities facing sweltering slow violent waves of 100-degree perishing: Louisville, Detroit, and Cleveland, with an estimated casualty total of about 16,000.

The NRDC and EPA are pushing for carbon emission relief and for better emergency services coordination to avoid people dropping over in densely populated areas.

In the meantime, it's recommended to keep lemonade and Slip N' Slide handy to stave off an unfortunate early demise sometime in the next 88 years.

(Via Reuters)

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