Report: Scene Edit Staffers Are Pigs



Exclusive Scene surveillance photo
  • Exclusive Scene surveillance photo

Sources confirm that a sizable male contingent of Scene's editorial staff was seen quietly embarking late Thursday morning for what multiple members of the party referred to only as "lunch."

Further questioning revealed that they were bound for the Tilted Kilt, the new downtown dining option that reportedly also offers a T&A option. As the elevator doors closed, one member of the party sheepishly proclaimed they were only going "for the articles. I MEAN BURGERS!"

It is Scene's policy not to identify lunch patrons by name, in order to protect them from possible domestic retaliation. But at least three of them looked scruffy, and one was clasping his hands together lasciviously, like Elmer Fudd looming over a pork roast.

Tune in this afternoon for a fair and balanced review of the Tilted Kilt.

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