Chump of the Week: David Rogers Pretends to Be Cop, Pulls Over Speeding Teen



This costume was reportedly in the trunk.
  • This costume was reportedly in the trunk.

Dudes frustrated by their lack of authority or girth in the world usually end up just stewing in local bars or being cruel to animals. But when a supposedly snot-nosed teen shot past David Rogers on a Richland County country road, flagrantly ignoring the double yellow, the Mansfield native must have decided he wasn’t going to let it stand. There are rules.

According to Fox 8, this incident went down in late March. After the teen sped away from Rogers’ tan Chevy Avalanche, the 28-year-old clicked on his red strobe lights, pulled the kid over, and identified himself as an off-duty police officer. The “cop” asked for the teen’s license and cell phone, then dialed dad to relay junior’s driving etiquette. “Officer” Rogers let the kid off with a warning.

Later the teen and his dad began to wonder whether “Officer” Rogers passed the smell test. Eventually they called in a report to the actual police. The actual David Rogers probably walked around feeling like he’d righteously schooled some punk. The roads would now be safer. Shit, the world.

But the story isn’t over.

When the teen was out on the road about a week later, what should he spot but the same tan Avalanche that the “police officer” had been steering. He called in the plate numbers to the real police, who now have filed real charges against Rogers for the stunt.

When Fox 8 knocked on his door, a glowering Rogers stayed mum, declining to comment on how his plan to step to this kid completely backfired.

What’s hilarious in a pretty sad-sack way is that the teen obviously burrowed pretty deep into Rogers' skin to egg on this stupid stab at playacting authority; but the kid turned around and not only got Rogers arrested, he indirectly put a TV crew on the guy's lawn, which, in turn, landed Rogers in this blog post crowning him the Chump of the Week, a laurel forever Google-able.

It’s like the ultimate “na-na na-na boo-boo.”

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