Dayton Man Plows Car into Taco Bell After Drive-Thru Screws Up Order



You said it, hermano.
  • You said it, hermano.

These types of news stories really roast our turkey. We can all probably relate to the poor guy sitting front and center in this news item, just a simple American going about his businesses, trying to provide, when he's confronted with an agent of chaos. True tragedy this is, when people just put common decency between their teeth like a pit bull with a child's arm and start chewing. Terrible.

Seriously, how can you not feel for the guy who puts in an order at the drive-thru, a Taco Bell no less, only to see he's been maliciously stiffed a $0.99 taco once the delicious smelling paper plastic bags are handed over. A Taco Bell taco, we should point out. At Taco Bell. Anyway, the victim in this case was forced to settle on the only understandable recourse: smashing his car into the Taco Bell.

This crime against good taste went down this morning outside of Dayton.

When the man noticed he was missing a $0.99 taco, he came back to the window, screeching his tires and yelling at the employees.

The Taco Bell employees made him another taco. He snatched it out of their hands, came around the restaurant, and hit the front entrance.

He took off, but police were able to track him to his home thanks to fluids leaking from his truck. He then told police he hit the restaurant on purpose because he was mad they messed up his order.

We're glad he got the taco and all, but hell, the Taco Bell crew is lucky they got off with such light treatment. You can only push a guy so far, only screw around so much with an American's taco order.

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