Fox 8 Does a Bear Story Without Embarrassing Themselves or Cleveland




There were some black bear sightings down in Streetsboro recently and Fox 8 dispatched Melissa Reid to get the hard-hitting story. The bears probably aren't hungry for humans, she wants us to know while standing in the middle of a bunch of foliage for some reason.

It's not exactly Emmy-worthy work here, but the end product put together by the team at WJW is a big step up for the local station, most notably in that they didn't resort to using a fake cardboard bear to illustrate the action. Hearty congratulations are in order. Steps are being taken in the right direction, guys. Good job.

Below, the latest report on bears — BEARS! — contrasted with the infamous gold-standard video from Fox 8 and Todd Meany from a few years ago that briefly set the internet on fire.

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