Cedar Point's Next Roller Coaster (Updated)




Update: Back in late May we told you that a new wing coaster would be Cedar Point's next big project. Yesterday, they officially unveiled the plans and the name. Meet the "GateKeeper."


The Sandusky Register got its paws on an internal memo from Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet to the board of directors back in February that outlined the park's next big coaster.

Code name: CP Alt.Winged.

What that means: Just what you see above. A wing coaster with no track above or below the riders.

According to the paper, the coaster will cost $25 million and will land in the space currently occupied by Space Spiral and Disaster Transport and open for business in 2013.

There are only four wing coasters in operation in the world: Raptor at Gardaland in Italy, The Swarm at Thorpe Park in the United Kingdom, Wild Eagle at Dollywood in Tennessee and X-Flight at Six Flags Great America in Illinois. The first in the world, Raptor, opened only a year ago.

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