Egging Suspect: "Payback is a B*tch"




Egging is a time-honored youth tradition of retaliation and hijinks, and let's be honest, the kind of satisfying juvenile act more than a few adults have probably day-dreamed about more often than they'd be comfortable admitting.

Two Stow teens indulged in a little egg-tossing recently, as Patch reports, but they're efforts were stymied by a sloppy getaway. Witnesses saw their car, info that was passed along to cops who, because this is Stow, rang the five-alarm bell and immediately dispatched units to investigate.

Tracking the license plate to a residence, police arrived to find a car with a warm hood and two kids who quickly dropped the innocence routine to reveal that this wasn't some childish gambit or prank. This was real, man — real. These kids were serious. These kids were hard. HARD.

Both initially denied being involved, according to the report. Police also said one of the boy's mother was “uncooperative and intoxicated.”

An officer then went to the other teen's residence where the two boys involved, both sophomores at the high school, eventually admitted to egging the house, police said.

One of the youths said, “Payback is a bitch” to the officer.

And then he played some Call of Duty while sitting on a Mickey Mouse beanbag. Hard.

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