Cleveland Cinemas' Dark Knight Marathon Wins Best News of the Day Award




Three Cleveland Cinemas theaters will show all three Batman movies on July 19, and frankly we shrieked like excited little J-Pop fans when we heard the news.

Of course we're talking about Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, not the increasingly shitty franchise that started with the blah 1989 Tim Burton movie.

The Capitol Theatre, Chagrin Cinemas, and Shaker Square Cinemas will show 2005's Batman Begins at 6:30 p.m., followed by 2008's The Dark Knight (also known as the Best Comic Book Movie Ever Made) at 9 p.m., leading up to the midnight unveiling of The Dark Knight Rises.

Tickets go on sale at noon on Monday. If you buy the Dark Knight Marathon package at the box office, you get all three movies for $20.

Or if you want to be all high-techy about it, you can buy them online separately — $6 for the older movies, $9 for the new one — or at the theaters.

Yeah, yeah, we know you're only saving a dollar the other way, but we're pretty sure Bruce Wayne would approve. —Michael Gallucci

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