Cleveland Again Ranks High on List of America's Manliest Cities



Just another Cleveland guy, livin.
  • Just another Cleveland guy, livin'.

Hell yes, all you XY chromosome'd members of the greater Cleveland area. All that afternoon drinking, high cholesterol and hours at the softball batting cage has finally paid off with some national chest thumping.

The list of America's manliest cities
was put out this morning, and Cleveland – the city El Paso wishes it could be – again landed in the top ten. The only slight stain to this glorious news is that we actually fell three spots to number 9 on the list. Also, Toledo crawled four places up the ranking to the 8 seat, meaning Cleveland – the city that shames Anchorage into drinking Zima – is now not technically the manliest city in Ohio. No doubt our drop has something to do with a troubling outbreak of “tapas” bars on the West Side.

Keep in mind this list is hammered together by COMBOS, the snack slinger, so take it with a grain of sodium chloride. Oklahoma City was put in the number one spot. Cleveland – the city Missoula shudders before like a wilting flower – is still in good standing when you consider there are 50 cities on the list.

The least manly city? San Diego.

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