Man Arrested for Making Meth at Wal-Mart




Meth is a bit of a problem around this area, if you hadn't heard, and cookers are popping up in the damnedest places. Come on, if people are making meth in nursing homes, where aren't they making it?

Today we heard a new one: Wal-Mart. Which makes all kind of sense, but for practicality purposes, hadn't crossed our minds before. Is it best to cook over by the tube socks? Or the $1 DVDs? Important questions.

Fox 8 reports that James Richardson has the answers.

The 37-year-old was spotted by employees at the Mentor location stuffing his cart full of typical meth-making supplies. But instead of absconding home to put it all together like a respectable meth addict would, he popped open a salt shaker and went to work right there in the store, shaking and baking, but not in the Talladega Nights sense.

Shockingly, he was less covert than he probably had hoped for and was picked up after leaving the store. Richardson has five previous felony drug infractions on his record, according the report.

Target: for people who don't plan on making meth while shopping.

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