The 'Reese's Cup Bandit' Is on the Loose


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There's D.B. Cooper, and there's this guy.

Cops out in Lorain (predictable) are on the lookout for a suspect who's been lifting Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from local gas stations over the last couple months.

Yes, the suspect has been dubbed the "Reese's Cup Bandit," and for no small reason — the sticky-fingered lad has made off with an estimated $400-$600 worth of sweets from just one Sunoco.

The latest incident involving our mastermind is described by NewsNet5:

The gas station clerk said he tried to stop the thief by jumping over the counter and blocking the door. The suspect ran into the clerk, before he fled on Oberlin Avenue and then eastbound onto West 30th Street.

This shoplifter with a sweet tooth is about 5 foot 10 and weighs 140 pounds, according to Lorain police.

And also probably constantly smells like peanut butter and chocolate. Just a guess. Might want to check local dentist offices.



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