Akron Business Was a Front for Large-scale Pot Operation



The family that grows together . . .
  • The family that grows together . . .

It's one of those quintessential urban living experiences – you're walking around town, come face-to-face with a building or business that's shambling to ruin, and something about the location you can't put specific words around throws a flag in your head: shady shit is going down within.

That was the case with Akron's Emerson Grinding on Kelly Avenue, an industry stretch near the Akron Fulton airport. Machine shop on the front. But inside? A large-scale pot growing operation.

The eponymous Emerson clan were the ones behind the grow, and according to the Beacon Journal, it was a family business. After Akron police raided the location and three residences last week, 69-year-old Edward Emerson and his two sons, 28-year-old Edward John and 25-year-old Robert, we taken into custody.

Police reportedly found 200 marijuana plants at the shop. 14 guns and around $25,000 was also taken.

We're sure there were a lot of "grinding" and "pot" jokes we could have made on that one, but hey, it's early, we're still drinking our morning coffee.

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