City Workers Can Now Call Off Sick in Lorain Without Worrying About Someone Checking Up On Them




Back in February, Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenaur put a damper on the time-honored tradition of calling off work sick when you're not really sick. After a noticeable uptick in city workers ducking out with coughs and migraines and whatever other ailments one could dream up as an excuse to stay home, Chase Ritenaur decided he would send a nurse to the employee's home to check up on them.

That's totally something a guy named Chase would do.

So for the last few months, if you worked for the city and you were sick, you better have been sick, not sitting in your pajamas watching a Weeds marathon and drinking PBR tall boys.

But thanks to shrinking coffers, Lorain can no longer afford to ruin your fake sick day.

Via the Morning Journal:

“After budget cuts and layoffs, our margins are too tight and if someone calls off, it creates an unfair burden on the good employees that now have to pick up the slack,” Ritenauer said. “This policy was too heavy-handed, but we are committed to working together to find a good solution moving forward.”


Ritenauer said once he learned it was continuing and city workers were complaining, he suspended it.

Go wild, Lorain, and bask in this reminder that we do still in fact live in America.


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