Trent Richardson Responds to Jim Brown


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Jim Brown opens his mouth from time to time. Alright, he does so frequently. And for some reason people are still interested in hearing what he has to say despite the fact that he's a cranky old man with an agenda and a long history of violence against women.

In one of his vomit sessions, Brown called new Browns running back Trent Richardson "ordinary."

Richardson was finally asked about the comments this week by ESPN and responded with all the tact that you could hope to see in a young man.

I laugh at the situation. You don’t know me from spic to span. But he’s Jim Brown. He’s done a lot here and I haven’t done anything yet. I have a lot to accomplish and big shoes to fill. When it comes down to it, I have to work and make sure I make him a believer. I haven’t done anything yet. He has his own thoughts. That’s him being him. I have no problem with it. I just wish the best of luck for him whatever he’s doing in life.

Classy, Trent.

(Via WFNY)


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