Singer Pays Tribute to Chardon Dead With Horribly Titled Song




We're sure singer Howard Washington II had good intentions when he penned a tribute to the three Chardon High School students killed by a gun-wielding classmate on February 27.

But did he have to call the song "Pardon Me Chardon"? Off the top of our head, "garden" is the only other word we can think of that rhymes with "Chardon." So maybe that was his best choice.

(We haven't heard the song, so it could be really good and transcend its awful title, like "Icky Thumb Thump.")

Washington will shoot a video for the song at 3 p.m. Saturday in the downtown Chardon square.

According to the press release announcing the video shoot, "the concept of the video is to unite as 'one heartbeat' and honor the victims who lost their lives in the Chardon shooting."

“The shooting was an instant dagger to my heart. I could only imagine the rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts the parents, students and administrators were experiencing. I started to think, and the song ‘Pardon Me Chardon’ came to mind. It was my way of saying, ‘Excuse me, Chardon; someone cares and has not forgotten about you,’” said Washington. “I decided to verbalize my condolences in a traditional, yet untraditional way.”

Washington is asking people to show up for the video shoot dressed in red and black, Chardon's school colors.

Donations will also be collected onsite for the victims' families.

To repeat: Good intentions, bad song title. —Michael Gallucci

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