Man Claims Bear Rang His Doorbell




Animals: they're just like people. At least our anthropomorphic assumptions let them be, like this gentleman in Ravenna who claims a bear not only rang his doorbell, but listened to him when he asked the bear to stop eating his flowers.

Enjoy the most earnest man you'll meet today, courtesy of the Record Pub:

Dan Lintz said a black bear visited his property on Newton Falls Road in Ravenna Township. The bear, he said, rang his doorbell, then “posed for photos” while munching on his flowers, drinking from his fountain, and scampering off into the woods.

“Honest to God,” the body shop owner said as he discussed the recent incident.


Lintz ran into his home and retrieved his digital camera. He yelled at the bear to stop for photos, and Lintz said he was surprised when the bear took a detour into the backyard.

Lintz took photos of the bear munching on his flowers. After he said, “Hey, stop eating my flowers” the bear obediently moved over to the water fountain to take a drink

And then the bear walked on two legs into his house, poured himself a cup of coffee, and turned on Maury.


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