Cleveland Earns a Spot on Hottest Cities List


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There are worse ways to cool off on a budget.
  • There are worse ways to cool off on a budget.

Nobody needs to tell you it's hot outside. It's really, really hot, like stick your head in the icebox hot. Like ice cream for breakfast hot. Like the undersides of your legs are burned from the leather upholstery hot. Even with these downpours dumping from above today, it's still sticky and gross, far outpacing the norm. But then again, no one needs to tell you that.

But the Daily Beast has taken note of our pain at the thermometer. Today, they've put out one of their wiz-bang listicles. This one is titled “The Hottest Cities in America,” and Cleveland is holding down the basement spot.

The list was hammered together using the average May and June temperatures compared with this summer's highs. Coming in at #10, the Daily Beast notes we've seen the mercury hang about 5.5 degrees above the normal average. Akron also made an appearance at #8. The penthouse spots go to Colorado, with Colorado Springs and Denver at #2 and #1 respectively.

So the rest of the nation knows our pain. Now get that head back inside the icebox.


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