Akron Man Nailed with Bullet Fired by Overexcited Patriot


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  • Amurrica.

Because sometimes, when the fireworks are exploding in the sky, all those pretty colors, and the family is together again, we just don't have the chance anymore with everyone's schedule, and your stomach is full with the heady mix of barbecue and Beast, the spirit just takes over, “God Bless America” gently between your ears, and the next thing your know you've grabbed dad's rifle from the garage and squeezed off a festive, harmless round into the night sky.

And then it drops down and hits someone a mile away.

Such was the case last night in Akron, where someone drove a love of country way beyond the bounds of common sense. According to Newsnet5, the police were fetched downtown to a bar on reports of a shot man. When they showed up the South Main Street, the victim had a minor wound.

The man told police that he felt something hit him in the shoulder while standing outside Club Rose across from Canal Park Stadium but never heard any shots. As police investigated more, they found that the bullet came from a rifle and appeared to have been fired from a long distance away.

Just before the man called 911 police had received calls about shots fired on Russell Avenue, about a mile south of where the victim was hit.

We'd like to say this is a teachable moment — but come on. Not firing bullets indiscriminately into the air should probably be a given.


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