Power Ranking: The Five Most Important People in Town Right Now


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A Scene weekly feature ranking local newsmakers.

1. Frank Jackson & John Kasich Ohio’s favorite bi-partisan bromance was finally consummated this week when the governor came to town to ink “the Cleveland Plan.” Next up, dinner with the in-laws.

2. David Boone Jr. The once-homeless, now Harvard-bound high-school senior was given a shoutout at last week’s BET Awards. Kanye says, “I’m gonna let you finish, but . . .”

3. Sharon Reed The former WOIO news babe is now anchoring rumors she’s the mother of LeBron James’ love child. Stay tuned for more exclusive details live at six . . .

4. Rodger Godell The NFL has softened up the blackout rule. The Browns haven’t had trouble yet, but then again, everything is likely to become a problem for the Browns at some point. 

5. Dion Waiters Thanks to the Cavs’ a.) perspicacity, or b.) idiocy, the Syracuse sixth man went from an unknown, untested quantity to a well-publicized, untested quantity.


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