Mahoning County Shreds A lot of Legal Documents, Legally



That takes care of the fine print.
  • That takes care of the fine print.

The Mahoning County court just offloaded a whole bunch of old documents, according to Vindicator. About 800 pounds of space-wasting dead tree material was shredded by a mom-and-pop Cortland outfit that specializes in erasing the antiquated public record for $160 a ton.

The material isn't gone for good. The country transferred the paperwork to microfilm, so historians and journalists in the future can confirm that yes, Youngstown was actually a real place, not just admonitory bedtime story older cities once warned younger cities they might become if you don't diversify their economies in a globalized environment and plan green spaces in an urban landscape.

Also, don't fret, eco-heads. This particular shredding company will turn around and sell the ripped up historical documents to a Wisconsin paper mill. Soon enough, it'll be toilet paper and paper towels. So everybody's a winner here — the world, the county, the people in need of cheaper toilet paper.

The whole story made us realize Cuyahoga County's own document disposal policy is a little out-of-date. We've included some of the guidelines leftover from the previous administration

Property Appraisals — Perfect for keeping the fire going at Frank Russo's annual Canadian Boxing Day pig roast.

Rejected RFPs — Great absorption when you need to gently rub the barbecue sauce out of Jimmy Dimora's beard, according to Kevin Kelley.

Cancel Public Checks — Due to the their dollar bill-like shape, Nate Gray's go-to choice for padding “gift” stack of $100s after removing a few for the retirement fund.

Campaign Finance Forms — Folded into quarters, a suitable coaster for a drink, like the spiced rum Jamaican Sunset's preferred by Sheriff McFual.

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