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Your guide to living in fabulous Cleveland.

We're in the Wrong Business: Dan Gilbert's Horseshoe Casino grosses $42.6 million in its first seven weeks. You didn't even have health insurance after your first seven weeks at your job.

Check, Please: Fairlawn Mayor Bill Roth plans on asking Obama's campaign to reimburse the city for expenses related to the President's visit last week. Northeast Ohioans plan on asking Fairlawn to reimburse them for any and all time spent in Fairlawn.

Ew: County must pony up another $33,000 in additional costs at the money pit that is the Juvenile Justice Center. Ed FitzGerald plans to cover tab by retrieving wads of dollars bills Jimmy Dimora smuggled into prison in his body cavities.

This Week's Index: You got a little too tipsy at that cookout, but could still rap every line of "Wanna be a Baller."

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