As ABC Team Takes Over Ontario Street, Viaduct Lounge to Go Events-Only




In the same week that that Alan Glazen, Randy Kelly, and Linda Syrek take possession of Ontario Street Café (2053 Ontario St., 216-861-6446) they will conclude normal restaurant service at Viaduct Lounge (2100 Superior Via., 216-556-8200).

This Saturday, July 28th will be the last night of regular dinner service, explains Kelly. From then on, the restaurant will be open only to private events. There will be no changes at ABC Tavern and XYX Tavern, the team's other properties.

"This isn't a bad thing," Kelly adds. "The everyday restaurant business just isn't there, but we have great party bookings that carry the place."

Kelly cites poor visibility, limited parking and zero foot traffic as insurmountable obstacles to running a successful eatery at that location.

Meanwhile, today, July 23, is the team's first official day as owner at the Ontario Street Café.

"Talk about turnkey," says Kelly, adding that almost nothing — décor, menu, prices, staff — will be changing at the old-school bar across from the casino.

"This is the last workingman's bar in downtown Cleveland," he notes. "It's a step back in time. Inexpensive, great value, over-the-top service."

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