Jimmy Dimora Doesn't Want to Go to Prison for 22 Years




And who could blame him? He's a man accustomed to steaks and hookers, bourbon and tiki huts, and prison as a whole is not the ideal abode.

Back in March, the jury handed down a cascade of guilty verdicts on the former commissioner and full-time scumbag; sentencing is scheduled for Monday down in Akron under the swift hand of justice known as Judge Lioi. Prosecutors are asking for 22 years, which seems like a light sentence given the fisting that Dimora gave the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County, but whatever — the man is 54 years-old and in declining health.

Dimora, shockingly, does not agree. His lawyers filed a 55-page rec to Judge Lioi where they argued that a) What Dimora did to taxpayers was more of a light tickle, not so much a fiscal screwjob; and b) the fact that he's 54 and not healthy merits a shorter sentence. Because everything in Dimora's life is negotiable. Like how much this vote costs over here for this guy over there, and how many slices of pepperoni he can get on that pizza.

Via the PD:

"His actions have not led to losses of money or benefit to the people of Cuyahoga County," Whitaker wrote in his sentencing recommendation.

Oh, Jimmy.

We wouldn't expect anything to come of it, and it's perfectly predictable for Big Jimmy to argue this to the end, but that end is coming in just a few days, and it ain't gonna be no free trip to Vegas.

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