Anthony Hayne, One of the Cleveland 5 Bridge Bombers, Pleads Guilty




Earlier this year, all eyes nationwide turned toward Cleveland after five self-professed anarchists were collared by the feds for allegedly plotting to send the Ohio 82 bridge sky high.

In anarchist circles, blowing bridges is like a big anti-establishment middle finger, and this was meant to express the Occupy outrage the plotters found in that movement but felt had yet to be — how should be say — emphatically communicated to the body politic. This was supposed to be a statement written in bridge rubble.

But as we know, the feds had a man on the inside, and the Cleveland Five were arrested after detonating a dub bomb. Whether or not the informant actually gently guided the five young ones toward terrorism — that will be the likely argument playing out in court between the defense and prosecution.

But at least one of the plotters has caved. According to the Plain Dealer, at a hearing today Anthony Hayne pleaded guilty to the charges and roll on the remaining four.

This makes some sense. At 35, Hayne has at least a decade on the oldest of the other defendants. He's also been churned through the criminal justice on a number of occasions.

Old cons know the score — that it's best to turn on your co-defendants rather than ride out a trial sharing the table together.

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