Former Deagan's Chef Has Designs on New Digs




It was only two months ago that Demetrios Atheneos, the opening chef of the popular Lakewood gastropub Deagan's Kitchen & Bar (14810 Detroit Ave., 216-767-5775), found himself out of a job. But by December, he hopes to open his own gastropub/brasserie in Valley View.

The as-yet-unnamed restaurant will reside in the former home of Hoggy’s Barn and Grille (5975 Canal Rd.), which closed near the beginning of the year.

The dining room would likely accommodate 60 to 70 more diners than Atheneos was cooking for at Deagan's.

All major fixtures have been sold at auction but one, says the chef: the massive smoker.

Diners can expect significant changes to both the interior and exterior of the building.

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