Video: Some Drunk Idiot Stole Candy From Dante's


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Those big jugs of candy plopped in the front lobby of Dante's in Tremont are enticing. You want to grab a whole handful, or two. And then stuff your pockets.

And Dante encourages that. (Well, sort of. If you must.) But walking off with the big jars? That's verboten, and just plain poor form for a patron. And specifically the patron caught on surveillance video in the clip below grabbing not one but two of the cauldrons of candy, because... well, he's an idiot.

Dante gave him a chance to return the $100 in sweets, but the gentleman, who Dante recognized, didn't respond, so the chef got the police and the media involved. Which is fine by us — nothing like a good public shaming.

Via Fox 8:


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