Then-Browns Coach Bill Belichick Had an “Erection” for Warren Sapp


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Thats a big man.
  • That's a big man.

Warren Sapp, whose hard-hitting career in the National Football League just might someday put his name in the Hall of Fame, was almost a Brown. That's a little tidbit of info the retired defensive bulldozer leaked out recently in a radio interview pimping a new book. Also revealed: Bill Belichick's psyche is so twisted up with the girdiron, simple draft prospects get him hot and bothered.

Back in the mid-90s, Sapp was a dominant hammer on the University of Miami's line. He also failed a handful of drug tests, meaning teams were less inclined to gamble a high draft pick on a loose cannon.

But that didn't stop Bill Belichick. Or his wang.

From the interview Sapp recently gave with ESPN Radio:

“He said ‘I wanna draft you so bad that I have an erection right now. But [GM] Mike Lombardi will not let me draft you. I just want you to know it is not on me. I want you in Cleveland.’”

So there you have it Browns' fan, Warran Sapp could have been a Brown, if not for front office idiocy. That sounds kind of familiar, no? To be fair, let's consider the context: this was the last Browns' season in Cleveland before Art Model loaded the whole thing into a moving truck bound for Baltimore. So maybe having Sapp, a force right out the gate in the NFL, would only have added more pain to the hurt.


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