MTV Wants to Make Your Pain in the Ass Pet Even More Intolerable




The Greater Cleveland Film Commission just posted a casting call for humans who have a dog, cat, monkey, or whatever that's become a colossal pain in the balls.

MTV's True Life reality show is hunting for people in Northeast Ohio who have out of control pets. And they want to make these pets TV stars, in hopes that they'll shape up and be able to enter society without embarrassing anyone. Because that kinda thinking worked so well with the Kardashians, right?

You can read the whole thing here, including info on who to contact if you're one of those people whose cats mean more to you than personal hygiene, friends, homes that don't look like a feces-smeared crackhouse, etc.

The most curious thing about the casting call, however, is this line at the end: "If you APPEAR to be between the ages of 15 and 28 and have an unruly animal, e-mail us." That all-caps emphasis is ours, btw.

We're guessing they want to keep out any crazy-ass old ladies whose spoiled-rotten chihuahuas won't wear the rainbow-colored booties they spent the past six months knitting for them. —Michael Gallucci

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