Breaking: There's a Bear in a Tree (Updated)




Update V: The bear is still in Solon for anyone that was wondering. And it's still news. To us, at least.

Bearman Sandiego visited a farm, and WKYC is all over it with quotes from the owner.

"The bear was definitely here! Chickens are all accounted for (but I'm sure they had a scare!)"



Update IV: Is it over? No, of course not.

Solon police now say it was spotted in their fine 'burb Thursday, which means the bear went from Bedford Heights to Solon to Warrensville Heights back to Solon, with a stop at Rockne's along the way for lunch.


And that's not the end of it. All of you who've been calling it the Bedford Bear, just stop. Streetsboro police chirped in on their Facebook page to let you know they saw the bear in their forgettable city months ago, so it should be called the 'Boro Bear. Dibs.

Via NewsNet5:

“Apparently, the media has now named the black bear in our area the ‘Bedford Bear’ due (to) his one appearance in the tree this week. Assuming it is the same bear, it showed up many more times here in Streetsboro before it was ever seen in Bedford. Therefore, we think the bear should be known as the ‘Boro Bear.”

Screw it. He's Bearman Sandiego. Clearly.


Update III: The bear is now in Warrensville Heights! The never-ending excitement just never ends! (Fox 8)

Update II: Solon police are now searching for the bear in some woods. This bear's got endurance.


Update: And now for the conclusion to the great "bear in a tree" story of 2012...

He got away.

Yes, the bear, which had been up in a tree, not only eventually came down, but eluded all the barriers and authorities that had set up shop at the bottom of the tree. Great quotes followed, via

One Bedford Heights policeman said the bear proved to be "smarter than your average bear."


"We stayed around to keep people away," Sorace said. "It is a wild animal with claws and teeth...but he is cute."

They opted not to use a tranquilizer on the bear as to not upset it more than it was, especially since the drug can take a bit to kick in and then you'd just have an angry bear running around. Video of the bear's escape below, courtesy WKYC.


If you're wondering what's capturing Northeast Ohio's attention after this Labor Day weekend, look no further than Bedford Heights where there's a bear in a tree. Fox 8 has continuing coverage and will break in during regular programming to update you on the situation. Last we heard, authorities sprayed the bear with some liquid, and that just made the bear climb higher in the tree. Anyone got a picnic basket handy?

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