Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Ashore in Canada




What part of The Good Book has that bit about all the fish washing ashore as a sign of the coming End Times? Or are we thinking of that Schwarzengger movie where he goes rounds with Satan? All that Sunday Schooling and those 90s action movies are starting to bleed together as we get older . . .

Anyway, people who read a lot of symbolism into these events have a new one to pour over: Recently, thousands of dead fish washed ashore across the lake in Canada. The exact number of casualties hasn't been reported, but the body count is pretty much contained along a 25-mile strip of coast. The Canadian government agencies responsible for watchdogging mother nature are collectively scratching their heads for a concrete reason why, although there is plenty of speculation.

According to Newsnet5, one idea floating around is that “lake inversion” is responsible.

When an inversion happens, cold water is brought to the lake’s surface. Cold water has less oxygen in it, causing fish to suffocate.

A storm, strong winds or a steep drop in temperature at night can cause an inversion. It is a phenomenon that has happened in Lake Erie in the past.

Right now, the government has scratched off spills, oil or otherwise, as a possible reason for the massive kill. Samples of the fish were sent to the lad for a more thorough investigation.

But dead schools of fish isn't all that new. On our side of the border, earlier this summer, 28,613 dead fished washed up in Rocky River. The cause behind that kill was never determined.


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