Marylin Hiestand, Teacher at Ohio Online College, Caught Outsourcing Work to Former Student



But how do we know thats an actual graduate?
  • But how do we know that's an actual graduate?

There's a lot of information floating on the internet winds about the specious nature of online education. Some additional ammo for the naysayers of desk-top schooling now is coming out of Ohio, where a teacher at a large-scale online outfit allegedly outsourced her duties to a former student. The students on the other end of the internet connection had no idea. That fast-one is likely to get the educator booted from the profession soon.

According to State Impact Ohio, on paper Marilyn Hiestand was teaching business classes for Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. In reality, since 2009 the instructor handed over her password and log-in to a former student to assign and grade students' work.

The assistant — unnamed in the report — took on the work for $10 an hour. That's not much, but we're not talking about a proven professional here: the report says the woman's resume was rounded out by “a year at Kent State University before dropping out” and “stints at Burger King and in a hospital laundry.” Then again, you can't crack on someone for trying to put food on the table.

The whole flimsy scenario came apart when the on-the-side assistant took complaints about not getting paid to the school. An state investigation followed, and Hiestand was fired. Next week the State Board of Education is planning to yank her teaching license.

The school isn't a small time operation. State Impact Ohio reports the operation services 15,000 students from around the state.

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