Hair Today, Art Tomorrow




Artist GrĂ¡inne Bird is taking a collection on Sunday, September 23. But she wants something more personal than your cash.

Rather, Bird will be hosting a “hair-raiser,” at Tomorrow’s salon in Rocky River, to collect material for her newest art project.

In return for donating your locks, Bird will pick up the tab for your haircut. The no-strings-attached offer applies to any man, woman, or child who is willing to give up their clippings to Bird’s forthcoming art project.

Bird, from Ireland, is currently artist-in-residence at Melissa Daubert's Interactive Works of Art, a sole proprietorship where the nationally recognized Daubert creates her "experience art." Bird has already collected hair from other area salons. When her collection is complete, the artist intends to spin yarn from the hair and knit it into sculptures.

Bird assures us the collection is a fun way to involve the community in the creation of art, and not a merely a plot to secure your personal bodily essences. “This event is a great chance to get involved and literally be a part of an art work,” she says.

The cuts are entirely free — stylists have even agreed to forego tips. After making your contribution to culture, you can partake in the equally free refreshments, donated by Malley's Chocolates and Erie Island Coffee Co. Or get a free massage from the salon’s in-house masseur. There will also be live music, and a photographer on hand to document the proceedings.

"I am looking to collect as much [hair] as possible," Bird says. "Following the Hair Raiser, the exhibition will be open to the public and, of course, all those who got involved."

Details on the exhibition, set for fall, will be announced soon.

The Hair Raiser happens Sunday, September 23, from 3 to 6 p.m. Tomorrow's Hair Salon is at 19300 Detroit Rd., on the second floor of Beachcliff Market Square.

Make your reservation by emailing Bird at

To learn more about her art, go to

For more information on Tomorrow’s, call 440-333-5056, or go to — Joseph Clark

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