Judge Orders Cleveland Heights Club MYXX To Shut Down




After months of the kind of familiar push-and-pull that happens when a struggling club tries to restart its flat-lined business with a game plan that grinds against the neighborhood's wishes, one Cleveland Heights club has been ordered to close its doors for good.

MYXX, located in the Cedar-Fairmount area, must cease operation by October 1st, according to judgment rubber-stamped by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Daniel Gaul this month. Until that time, the club is operating under shorter hours, according to Cleveland Patch, which has gone a good job tracking the MYXX saga, a conflict that not only pitted the establishment against the neighborhood but eventually against city hall.

The club is located in the old Jillian's spot. After the grimy pool hall closed up over a year ago, the building's owner doubled the space, tricked the footage out in a chic d├ęcor, and dubbed the new concoction MYXX. Business was slow for quiet awhile.

Eventually, the bar began hosting promoted events that drew crowds that normally don't hang around Cedar-Fairmount — i.e young and African-American. Cleveland Heights police were soon regulars at the club due to noise complaints and reports of underage drinking. In one incident a fight broke out on the premises; in the subsequent confusion, a Cleveland Heights cop was hit by a car.

Eventually, Cleveland Heights' city council declared the business a public nuisance and started rolling on the legal procedures to close down the business for good. Cleveland Heights Mayor Ed Kelley, a vocal critic of the bar in the past, had this to say in a press release regarding Gaul's decision: “I am counting the days until Oct. 1.”

So what's going to happen to this big-ass retail space? The building was recently purchased, but there's been no word on what the future owners might have planned.

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