Sam Mullett, Amish Beard Cutter, Guilty of Hate Crimes




After almost a full work week of deliberation, the Federal jury in the Amish beard snipping case tossed the book at the cadre of turncoat Amish who used pruning sheers against their brethren.

Media outlets are reporting jurors have pinned guilty convictions to Sam Mullett and 15 of his followers. The main charge was of engaging in a hate crime, but the lesser counts including conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and evidence tampering. Mullett could possibly face 10 years or more in prison.

A hate crime or not a hate crime — that was the main question up for grabs going into the deliberations. The attacks — ordered by Mullett, but not actions the leader participated in — stemmed from a religious dispute between the ultra-strict Mullett and members of the fold he thought were straying from traditional customs.

For more scenes from the beginning of the trial, take a peek at our story "Something Wicked."

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