The Horseshoe Casino Would Like You to Know the Horseshoe Casino is Generous




The Horseshoe Casino has been open for four months now and Rock Caesar would like to remind Cleveland that it is a participating member of the community, not simply a relentless suck on the wallets of those fond of blackjack and vintage chandeliers. Sure, it's made some money since the doors flung open on the glitzy Higbee's complex where Dan Gilbert prints money, but it's given some back, because the owners are mensches.

More to the point: Selling the casino as a civic improvement that will line the pockets of everyone within a chip's throw of Public Square is a promise that couldn't go unfulfilled. Trickle-down wealth, like a slot machine spewing coins – that's what the Horseshoe is about.

And so General Manager Marcus Glover went to visit Cleveland City Council on Monday to update them on just how generous, magnanimous, and mensch-y the casino owners are.

Two million dollars. That's what the casino has given back to the city. Sort of.

Actually, it's the grand total of perks given to gamblers for surrounding attractions: $1 million in tickets to sports events and the Rock Hall, according to the Plain Dealer; $250,000 in free meals at local restaurants; and $700,000 in hotel rooms. All grand gestures, and all meant to keep you downtown, close to the action over at Pit 2.

Glover also noted that the Horseshoe is on the verge of welcoming its 2 millionth customer. Which means a whopping $1 per visitor is being funneled back into the economy. In other words, exactly what you tipped your cocktail waitress.

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