Power Rankings




A weekly round-up of the top newsmakers in town.

1. Bobby Thompson: The alleged con artist whose real identity had been a mystery is finally revealed to be a man named John Donald Cody. In other news, Ralph Branca is still Ralph Branca.

2. United Way of Greater Cleveland: Starting with the Boy Scouts, the charity is taking a stand against organizations with a no-homo policy. Catholic Church reportedly assured its funding is safe.

3. Kyrie Irving: The Cavs superstar’s sophomore season gets underway with Cavs media day. Plain Dealer coverage strangely includes quotes from Colt McCoy’s dad about how Colt could definitely be a point guard.

4. Julia Romito: The lone survivor of the tragic crash that killed four Brunswick teens over the summer is named Homecoming Queen. This is no joke. Congratulations, and bravo.

5. Dante Bacuzzi: Tremont restaurateur lands on a list of five best up-and-coming chefs in America. If the past is a blueprint, by next season you’ll be able to get cheesy polenta at Progressive Field.

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