The Quality of Cleveland Life Report




Your guide to living in fabulous Cleveland.

GQ names Cleveland one of the five best beer cities in America. Before getting a chance to ask if that was in quantity or quality, the city falls asleep on its barstool in a puddle of Oktoberfest.

PETA offers to close the Cleveland schools’ budget gap by paying for pro-vegan advertising on cafeteria lunch trays, forgetting that cafeteria food itself is the best pro-vegan advertising possible.

Cleveland Clinic designs “healthy” suite of rooms for MGM Grand in Vegas designed to “improve sleep, reduce allergens and promote healthy eating.” Also, B-12 and Vitamin C will replace blow on hookers’ stomachs.

This Week’s Index: You’re smoking a celebratory cigar somewhere with Manny Acta, because who really wants to work for a shitty company anyway?

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