Mentor Guy Stiffs Computer Geeks for Tech Work, They Come Back With Bats



Not one of the offending techies, but you get the idea.
  • Not one of the offending techies, but you get the idea.

You probably aren't expecting a show of muscle from the guys you tap on the shoulder to fix your computer. The stat card of your average guy with tech know-how is such that a callow shitheal probably wouldn't think twice about taking advantage of their nerdiness — just blow them off completely, tell them to go pound motherboard.

That seems to be the case with a recent incident in Mentor. After being blown off by a guy they'd done computer work for, the two techies came back with baseball bats. Nerds can only take so much disrespect. But in the end, they completely fumbled the strong-arm job.

Mentor Patch has the details. The two offended computer nerds were 27-year-old Victor Liggett-Paris and 26-year-old Levi Cruz. After not receiving payment from an unidentified Mentor guy, the pair showed up at his apartment to collect.

Liggett-Paris lured the victim — a 40-year-old man — out of his apartment, [Mentor Police's] Allen said. Then Cruz and Liggett-Paris hit the man with bats and punched him,he told police.

The victim eventually struggled back into his own apartment. But instead of hiding inside, he grabbed his own baseball bat and went after Liggett-Paris and Cruz. It seems not to have occurred to either that they had an advantage in sheer numbers: the pair fled.

The victim buzzed police with their information; the pair were pulled over later with a bat and weed in the car. Both are now facing felonious assault charges.

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