Concert Review: Taking Back Sunday at House of Blues




In the ten years since Taking Back Sunday put out their debut album Tell All Your Friends, you’d think fans would have forgotten how great it was. Clearly that wasn’t the case at last night’s sold out House of Blues show, the opening date on the TAYF10 Tour. Audience members were ready to sing along with anything, including the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood theme song the band came out to. Only one “off your phone, pretty lady,” message had to be sent to the balcony seats by singer Adam Lazzara, who spent the whole show doing his signature mic swing around his neck (seriously, you can YouTube “Adam Lazzara mic swing” and see his patented moves).

“Great Romances of the Twentieth Century” was a clear crowd pleaser, with the whole house joining in for the chorus “I’m in your room, am I turning you on?” The audience couldn’t stop screaming during “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut From the Team)” when it came time for the question “why can’t I feel anything from anyone other than you?”(Check out the song’s Fight Club inspired music video featuring Flava Flav). The only slow song—well, the slowest song—on the album, “Ghost Man on Third,” calmed down the pit and drew a scattering of swaying lighters from crowd.

The band threw “Liar (It Takes One to Know One)” and “Makedamnsure,” both off 2006’s Louder Now album, into the mix along with “The Ballad of Sal Villanueva,” a song Lazzara said the band hardly plays live. He said he was “shocked” by how many people knew it.

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