Son Stabs Father Over Browns-Giants Bet



Its your fault, Pat.
  • It's your fault, Pat.

Tensions run high during Browns games, no matter the state of the team. Add in a squad that's lost 11 games in a row, and Sundays become a rage-filled cauldron of boiling hate and anger. When Brandon Weeden throws another interception, you want to punch a pillow and scream. When Josh Cribbs fumbles a kickoff, you want to kick the dog. When they turn it over twice in four minutes, you start looking for faces to punch.

Add in a wager, a family disagreement, a tinge of Pat Shurmur stupidity, and you have a weekly recipe for violence.

Down in Heath, Ohio, it actually happened. No one counted to ten. No one took a timeout. Instead, a father and a son, arguing over a bet in the Browns-Giants tilt, went outside, but not to get some air and cool down.

Via the Newark Advocate:

Logan H. Knight, 22, last known address 134 Indian Mill Court, Heath, was charged with aggravated assault, a fourth-degree felony, after police said he stabbed his father with a pocketknife outside Buffalo Wild Wings, 603 Hebron Road, just before 4 p.m. Sunday, according to court records.

Knight and his father, 51, left the restaurant, where they were watching the Cleveland Browns vs. New York Giants game with friends and family, to settle a verbal dispute over a bet outside the business, according to a Heath police report.

During the dispute, the father shut his son’s hand in a truck door. Logan Knight reportedly punched his father in the face then his father punched his son repeatedly, according to a statement of facts filed in Licking County Municipal Court.

Both men hightailed it to the hospital for treatment before cops arrived.

And this, people, is why you shouldn't a) Watch the Browns, and b) Bet with family.

(Via WFNY)

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