The Quality of Cleveland Life Report




Your guide to living in fabulous Cleveland.

United Auto Workers union reaches agreement with ALCOA to avoid a strike at the aluminum giant’s Cleveland plant. Management credits ALCOA popping up as a punch line on last week’s “30 Rock” for the surprisingly upbeat workforce.

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture finalizes decisions on grant applicants from major arts centers in Cleveland and artists all over the world. Our fingers are crossed for our application to do interpretive dance while naked and playing Halo.

Horseshoe Casino announces it will run 10 bus lines to the suburbs. Cost: $10, but you get $15 back to play the slots. Drivers promise to listen to grandma complain that her kids never call while waiting for her to button her coat at the door.

This Week’s Index: You weren’t the nine-millionth visitor to the Rock Hall last week, but you were the first person in the door when Arby’s opened this morning, and that’s pretty cool.

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