Columbus Pizza Delivery Guy Says He Was Fired for Cracking on OSU




We all know adherents of the OSU football faith can be touchy, but would a joke against the school really cost a pizza shop employee his job? That's the story coming up from Columbus today. Although differing accounts of the event are going head-to-head, the discernible fact here is that some Bucknuttery has gone down — who exactly the offender of common sense is remains to be seen.

The story comes from Columbus' FOX affiliate and focuses on a 25-year-old Columbus State student who until recently worked at Iacono's, a pizza place in Shawnee Hills. Although he declined to publicize his name, the former pizza guy agreed to appear on camera . . . which is a little strange, because it's not like everyone isn't going to figure out his identity.

Anyway, his story runs as follows: Two days before Buckeye-Michigan State game, the pizza guy was taking an order from the wife of OSU defensive coordinator Luke Fickell. Before signing off, he made a crack about how the Buckeyes needed to brush up their defense. Mrs. Frickell laughed, according to the pizza guy.

The next day, pizza guy was told to call up the establishment's owner, he'd been 86'd.

“[The owner] just said that she had called in and complained and said she would never order pizza because she felt that I was belittling her almost,” he told the news station.

But that might not be the whole story. At the time the news was originally reported, both the Fickells and the restaurant owner declined to comment; an OSU mouthpiece kind of verbally shrugged the situation off with a non-answer answer.

However, following the initially airing, it looks like a second version of events has emerged. This was posted on a popular OSU message board this morning, a new account that shifts the blame off the coach and his family.


So what do we have here? Some mouthy pizza dude trolling for sympathy? Couches who can't take a joke? An over-zealous business owner swinging his ax in the name of that is The Ohio State? Wouldn't a reprimand been suitable?

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