Video: RTA Driver Punches Female Passenger (Updated)




Update IV: Tired of this story yet? Well, it's not going away. The uppercutee, Shidea Lane, appeared on Art McCoy's WTAM show for the second time to talk about her side of the story.

"I have been in relationships before where men just disrespect and dog and put their hands on me and for this man who has no clue who I was to just disrespect me - I just couldn't take it anymore,” Lane said. “It was going too far."

Hughes claimed that Lane spit at him, prompting him to punch her.

“I take care of my daughter as a beautiful mother and I just want people to change their perspective about me and not just judge me before they know anything," Lane said.

More over at this link from NewsNet5 if you're interested.


Update III: And the RTA bus driver was fired this morning. Nice timing by RTA to do that on election day.


Update II: RTA has filed disorderly conduct charges against the uppercut victim. The union is also addressing driver safety concerns. The victim is probably in the midst of filing her inevitable civil lawsuit. And this story feels old and tired already. (


Update: RTA suspended and identified the driver. Via WKYC:

Early Friday afternoon, RTA identified the driver as Artis Hughes. He has been suspended pending the investigation. He and his union president have been notified, so RTA released his name.

RTA says Transit Police were called to the scene on Sept. 18 and completed an incident report.

Hughes stated that he was assaulted by a customer, Shidea N. Lane, 25. Transit Police and Beachwood Police were both called to the scene.

She didn't file a report or press charges, but in the aftermath of the viral fame, it'd be hard not see her seeking some cash off this now.


The video below, which is pretty disturbing, landed on World Star Hip Hop, and it shows a male RTA driver punching — with an uppercut — an unruly female passenger. He's been removed from duty, according to RTA, while an investigation plays out.


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