Rape Tips Found in Miami University Dorm Bathroom (Updated)




Update: The Miami University administration has decided to punish two male students for cooking up the rape pointers found posted in the dorm bathroom.

But the school has released little else in terms of info, according to Newsnet5. Neither the students' names or the details of the punishment is now known, although the handbook does suggests it could include "removal from residence halls, mandatory educational programs, and suspension."


With piss dunking and bus uppercuts, Ohioans are really rocketing into national headlines with quality behavior these days. Add this latest to the list: college boys outlining the 10 tips for successful rape. It's hard to imagine something as crude as this being serious, but just such a list was posted in a bathroom at Miami University.

“Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape,” was the name of the list, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. The paper was found in the men's room of a co-ed dorm. It includes a lot of charming suggestions like “If a womens window is unlocked sneak in and rape her to teach her not to do it again [all types of sic],” and “If your afraid the girl will identify you slit her throat [again, a lot of sic].” (Grammar does not appear to be a big thing at Miami — at least among would-be comedian-rapists).

When the list was discovered, school officials called a dorm meeting to discuss the incident. But campus groups are raising their voices against the administration, arguing the response wasn't commensurate with the violation.

But leaders in a student organization that works to prevent sexual assault is criticizing Miami’s response, say it didn’t go far enough on a campus where at least 27 sexual assaults were reported since 2009. It’s an allegation that university officials deny.

Junior Kate Van Fossen, vice present of Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault (WAVE), said the university should have notified the student body, told them the behavior was unacceptable and wouldn’t be tolerated at Miami.

“If I wasn’t involved with WAVE I wouldn’t have known about this incident,” Van Fossen said Friday. “The university is brushing this issue … under the rug.”

The best case scenario is that this was all a joke — whoever did this probably thought they were dropping a piece of “edgy” humor on the campus stiffs who, of course, “can't take a joke.” Which is terrible, because nothing about the tips were funny. Worst case scenario, there's a serious cracked dude stalking the halls at this school. Either way, it's just another round-house kick to our state image.

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